I reaffirm my commitment to stand by all the sections of our people in the Constituency irrespective of their caste, creed or religion, with a special emphasis on Children and Women welfare. I shall also ensure the protection of the Culture, Flora and Fauna in my Constituency comprising of 124 village settlements vis-a-vis creation of “Sustainable / Smart Villages”, as these are akin to my strong belief that cities can function more effectively in harmony and coherence only if ‘Smart Villages” are created.

I have observed that in the North Karnataka region, the implementation of the Government program’s are poor, because of the non-stability of Bureaucracy (Seeks transfer within Short-Term period) - due to which there is lack of awareness of the Socio-Spatial attributes of the villages and the region and thus contributing to the non-effectiveness in the implementation of various policies and programs of the Government. Also, the funds get released in the last quarter of the year. An analysis of the last 10 years of the Budget allocation and release of funds, it is observed that 75% of the fund release happens in 3rd and 4th quarter of the financial year and first two quarters of the financial year gets only 25% of the budget allocation. This leads to the problem of absorption capacity in the implementation of various programs. Much of the allocation gets lapsed in various schemes except in case of SC/ST programs, where the money unspent will be added to the following year plan. Also in anticipation of release of funds, fictitious bills may be released leading to corrupt practice. This is also true in case of many programs in the State.

The approximate geographical area of my constituency is 870 Sq. Kms. On my several visits to many villages of the constituency, I have observed the problems that the villagers are facing even after 67 years of independence, inspite of plethora of Government agencies working on various Governmental Schemes. I am saddened to see the plight of people still under poverty, high illiteracy, ill-health and very low standard of living due to improper sanitation facilities, non-availability of potable drinking water, living in dilapidated houses, inadequate drainage with roads submerged in sullage. I have observed that, the bureaucracy lacks data that are needed for appropriate planning and thus prioritization is not well deduced the various issues lurking forever in the village settlements of my Constituency. There was absolutely zero to 5% data available on the state of physical and social infrastructure of our villages.

Hence, I have initiated sector based primary surveys to get the first hand information on various issues in all the villages of my constituency. This exercise is the first of its kind in the entire country apart from the inadequate National Informatics Center Network India’s (NICNET) GIS enabled surveys.

About 18% of the total population of Karnataka constitutes the Hyderabad-Karnataka Region, in which, only a minuscule percentage is employed elsewhere in Bangalore and other cities. Skill based trainings to match with the industrial needs are not reaching the young students in rural areas of my constituency. Many training programs conducted by Industries Department don’t fit into the “State of Art Technology” and majority of them are residential program. The women in the rural areas generally don’t attend the Residential Training programs. There is a need for “Mobile Training facility” for the rural areas, wherein, the Mobile Training Units could stay in a village for 15 days to a month during the training period. I plan to initiate the Mobile Training facility to initiate and upgrade the industrial skills amongst my people. I am also working towards encouraging the right type of Industries to come to Bidar (S) Constituency.

In the best interest of the farmers of Bidar South Assembly Constituency, there is a need to shift (Or add-on) the existing APMC yard from Bidar City to a bigger one with all the amenities, as well as, construct new Sub-markets in Manna-E-Khelli, Manhalli and Bemalkheda. There are less number of Godowns and processing plants in the constituency. There is a need for the construction of Storage Rooms for agriculture produce and Cold Storage Units for Horticulture produce in each and every Gram Panchayath.

I am also determined to protect the flora and fauna and create Boulevards/ Avenues/ Arboriculture all along the Roads connecting villages, Major District Roads and State Highways of my constituency with the assistance of the Forest Department. I am proposing the Department to take up the projects for creating new sanctuaries for Black Buck and other animals and also for an “Animal Rehabilitation center”- for old and in-firm animals in my constituency, in lines with the “Pinjara pole” of Mysore.

I call upon the Gram Panchayaths to form “Village Development Committees”, “Balvikas Mahila Committees”, “Farmers Club”, etc. in letter and spirit and thus make the public participation more effective for village development. This acts as the foundation for the creation of “Smart Village”.

I give a clarion call to all the citizens of my constituency to come together wholeheartedly and support my initiatives for the overall sustainable development of the constituency.