Ashok Kheny

Managing Director of NICE
MLA Bidar South (2013-2018) | Karnataka

  • 1950


    First Step

    Shri. Ashok Kheny’s family hails from a small village called Ranjol Kheni in Bidar District.

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    He went to USA after completing his Engineering in Karnataka, to do his Master’s in Management Science and Engineering in 1974, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, USA

  • 1974

    United States of America

    Achievements in USA

    Mr. Ashok Kheny became a very successful Entrepreneur in USA as he implemented several major Infrastructure projects in Transportation and Telecom sectorsthrough his own company SAB Engineering and Constructions Inc. and Railway Systems Design Inc. (RSD).

    • Boston Blue Line Rapid Transit Signal and Communication system
    • Detroit People Mover (Innovated the linear motor transportation system for a mass transit system)
    • Philadelphia Center City Rail tunnel
    • Seattle Transit System
    • Rehabilitation of Grand Central Station in New York City
    • 800 miles Fiber Optic Cable Project of Design and Construction US Telecom
    • Implemented first transcontinental fiber optic network from New York to Los Angeles from Florida to Washington DC
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  • 1987

    Prestigious Award

    Prestigious US Presidential Award

    For his achievements, in 1987, Mr. Ashok Kheny received the prestigious US Presidential award from Ronald Reagan, viz., “Outstanding Businessman of the Year of a Minority Community Award”. He also received the “Fellow Award” from the World Academy of Productive Sciences, Canada

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  • 1990


    Back to India

    When India inched towards Economic liberalization in early 90’s, Mr. Ashok Kheny decided to come back to India to serve the nation towards gearing up to the Global challenge in the provision of Physical Infrastructure.
    By that time, the Karnataka State Government had repeatedly envisioned (From 1950’s) that Bangalore should have fast corridors integrated with self-sustained counter magnets.
    But all its proposals remained on paper, till Mr. Ashok Kheny mystically took a great initiative with strong-will to implement various projects like the “Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project (BMICP) ” on BOOT basis and the “Hubli-Dharwad Bypass”- which is the first BOT project in the country.
    He also built a large Engineering design team that facilitated the above in-house projects as well as, hundreds of Government projects in Highway and structural Engineering.

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  • 2007


    Film Industry

    Ashok Kheny, believes that next two decades belongs to art and entertainment.

    He dreams to see India as a warehouse of entertainment industry in the world. He is also setting up studios which will facilitate the production of film, ads and others.

    “Twenty years ago there was only one channel but today inspite of having several channels people are still not satisfied. Our country has a lot of talent that needs to be nurtured in the right way by giving each and every person ample opportunities.

    AKK Entertainment Joureny Begains...

  • 2011


    Celebrity Cricket League

    Ashok Kheny an avid sportsman and a cricketer himself during his days wanted to invigorate the Cricket at State level’s and is the Chairman of “CELEBRITY CRICKET LEAUGE”. The State teams across the Country involves the Cine artists from all over the countary.

    Every year the tournaments are conducted and the Reel Life Actors participate in the tournament giving more joy the citizens of the country.

  • 2013


    Member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly

    His anger towards the system which holds the projects to Ransom and for not allowing the Best policies to trickle down to the poorest of poor, due to Fatigue and laziness of the Administrators, made him to contest the Assembly election as an Independent Candidate from Bidar South.
    He won the Election with a great majority of 15,788 votes, as he secured 47,763 votes, defeating twenty candidates from various parties.

I am paving the road for the future of the Children of Karnataka; I strongly aspire to see that our culture, our flora& fauna, our land and water resources to be protected and conserved, with every farmer to prosper, and every citizen to have a house of his own, a job befitting his passion and skills, and a dream for the future of his Children; And, I am working in that direction every moment after I came back to my mother land

Ashok Kheny