Ashok Kheny has envisioned his action through his development plans for his Bidar South Constituency

Manna-EKhelli as the taluk head-quarters

M Y constituency consists of 124 village settlements coming under the jurisdiction of 34 Gram Panchayaths and six Zilla Panchayaths and is an amalgamation of two partial taluks, viz., Bidar Taluk & Humnabad Taluk of Bidar District. The two partial taluks, within a single Assembly constituency has led to incoherence in administration, resulting in lack of Governance. Hence, I request the Government to declare the Bidar South Assembly Constituency area as a new Taluk and Manna-EKhelli as the taluk head-quarters as it is centrally located and has good Connectivity with Bidar city and Humnabad, with National and state highway’s passing through it.

A Historical / centuries old tank

A Historical / centuries old tank, viz., Kamthana Lake and Anadura Lake in my Constituency seems to have been developed through the Karez System (Originated from China and Iran) need to be rejuvenated. At present, both the lakes seems to be totally breached and the remains of the Masonry Bund are visible. There are some smaller lakes like Barur Lake, Nagankera Lake, etc., which doesn’t come under the ambit of Minor Irrigation Department. They too need to be conserved as they are being made use for the agriculture and for the sustenance of around 1.25 lakh cattle’s of my constituency. My goal is to ensure the rejuvenation and conservation of the two historic lakes, its Karez system, along with the existing smaller lakes and ponds of my constituency.

All Women common toilets

It is very disheartening to know that only 4.2 % of the households have individual toilet facility in the entire constituency in the past 67 years. With this rate, does it take another 1400 years to achieve 100% sanitation? There is more number of Mobile phones in the constituency than the individual sanitation!!! The concept of community Latrines have completely failed. Though the Village Water Supply & Sanitation Committee’s (VWSC) are formed in some villages, the total Sanitation program has failed due to various reasons. It is high time that the Government consider implementing the Sewerage System linked to the Public Water Supply (PWS) scheme. Till then the Government should examine the provision for “All Women common toilets” at every lane of the village.

Model Anganawadi center

There are 312 Anganawadi centers, of which 92 are in rented premise. The Anganawadi Center buildings need to be refurbished with adequate pure drinking water facility, kitchen and toilets. The Ministry of Women and Child Development have envisaged “Model Anganawadi center” consisting of kitchen and toilets and the same need to be constructed within the reach of the village habitat. It will be a good idea that the pre-nursery ( Anganawadi) is merged with the lower primary school, as suggested by the “Women and the Child Department” of the National Law School of India.hould examine the provision for “All Women common toilets” at every lane of the village.

Karanja Rehabilitation

Years before contesting the elections learnt about the difficulties of the land losers (even after 36 years after the project was initiated) in Karanja Major Irrigation project. Upon that he gave a tactful support and initiated the leaders of the “Karanja Project land losers and affected families” organizations, to take up the matter in the Karnataka High court. The grievances of the Karanja affected families were compassionately upheld by the Hon’ble High court, which directed the State Government to pay the additional compensation of Rs. 50 Crores.

The major proposals are as follows;
- Construction of Rekulgi-Aurad bridge @ Rs. 20.80 Crores and this will facilitate easy mobility for 20 villages around it
- Construction of Bagdal bridge gates to store the water @ Rs. 4 Crores, Provision of infrastructure for all the existing Karanja Rehabilitation Centers @ Rs. 42.93 Crores, Separate housing colonies for Karanja project affected families @ Rs. 36 Crores
- Rejuvenation of Eight lakes in Karanaja reservoir hinterland by lift irrigation @ Rs. 25.50 Crores
- Improvement of Karanja Lift irrigation Achkut Roads @ 10.40 Crores.
Some of these projects are approved by the Government and some are under the process of approval.

Cricket Stadium

I am glad to announce that I have succeeded in getting 35 acres of land sanctioned for the construction of Cricket Stadium cum sports complex in Ghodampalli. The Karnataka State Cricket Association has accepted to construct the stadium and use it for national & international level cricket tournaments. This is certainly going to boost the spirit of the young people in sports, the economy and tourism potential of Bidar.

All women police training Academy

The very presence of women police in the station could create an environment for women and those from weaker sections of society to access police stations with less diffidence and difficulty than would otherwise have been the case. In this regard, I have put efforts for the sanction of “All women police training Academy” is proposed to come up in 99 Acres land at Manhalli. With this, the Karnataka Police could be the pioneers in Women Constabulary in the entire country.

Mobile Training facility

About 18% of the total population of Karnataka constitutes the Hyderabad-Karnataka Region, in which, only a minuscule percentage is employed elsewhere in Bangalore and other cities. Skill based trainings to match with the industrial needs are not reaching the young students in rural areas of my constituency. Many training programs conducted by Industries Department don’t fit into the “State of Art Technology” and majority of them are residential program. The women in the rural areas generally don’t attend the Residential Training programs. There is a need for “Mobile Training facility” for the rural areas, wherein, the Mobile Training Units could stay in a village for 15 days to a month during the training period. I plan to initiate the Mobile Training facility to initiate and upgrade the industrial skills amongst my people. I am also working towards encouraging the right type of Industries to come to Bidar (S) Constituency.

Smart Gram Panchayaths

Gram Panchayaths to form “Village Development Committees”, “Balvikas Mahila Committees”, “Farmers Club”, etc. in letter and spirit and thus make the public participation more effective for village development. This acts as the foundation for the creation of “Smart Village”.