Bidar South

Bidar South

Bidar South

Bidar South Assembly Constituency is located on the Northern tip of Karnataka. It is surrounded by Bidar Taluk on the North, the districts of Nizamabad and Medak of Andhra Pradesh on the East, the districts of Nanded and Osmanabad of Maharashtra on the west the district of Gulbarga of Karnataka on the South. It covers the geographical area of 5448 sq.kms.

Thus, Bidar South Assembly Constituency is just adjacent to the border of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Bidar South Assembly Constituency comprises of portions of Bidar Taluk and Humanabad Taluk of Bidar District. There are 6 Revenue Circles viz., Kamthana, Chitta, Bagdal and Manhalli that comes under the Bidar Taluk and the remaining two (2) Revenue Circles, viz., Bemalkheda and Nirna comes under the Humnabad Taluk. There are 124 village settlements out of which 89 are Revenue villages, 26 settlements are Thandas (Some have Revenue status) and 3 are Wadi’s viz., Andurwadi of Kamthana Revenue Circle, Chittawadi of Chitta Revenue circle (Old extension of villages) and Nirnawadi of Nirna Village and six village extensions. The total population of Bidar South Assembly Constituency is 2,58,554 with a total 48032 house holds. As per the gram panchayat records there are 50,207 house holds and 2,88,854 population in the constituency as on March 2014.


Around, 87.97% and 81.83% of the population in Bidar Taluk and Humnabad Taluk of the Bidar (S) Assembly Constituency live below poverty line, respectively. Overall, 84.40 % of the population in Bidar (S) Assembly Constituency lives below poverty line.

Around, 41% and 44.92% of the population in Bidar Taluk and Humnabad Taluk of the Bidar (S) Assembly Constituency are Schedule caste and Schedule Tribes, respectively. Overall, 42.96 % of the population in Bidar (S) Assembly Constituency is Schedule caste and Schedule Tribes. The Bemalkheda Zilla Panchayath in the constituency has the highest 50.31% of Schedule caste and Schedule Tribes.

124 Villages

35 Gram Panchayat

7 Zilla Panchayat

The Bidar South Assembly Constituency is comprised of 35 Gram Panchayaths of which 24 comes within the four (4) Revenue Circles of Bidar Taluk and 10 Gram Panchayats comes within the two (2) Revenue Circles of Humanabad Taluk. There are 124 village settlements out of which 89 are Revenue Villages, 26 Thandas and 9 Wadi’s/ village extensions/ resettlement colonies/ small hamlets. Small hamlets like Khajanagar, SM Krishna Nagar (Samshedpur), Vitthalpur and Lalbagh also are part of the Constituency.

There are Karanja rehabilitation habitats / colonies in Ranjol Kheny, Sangolgi, Hejjargi, Nelwad, Hezzargi and Kamalpur which was developed for the inhabitants of Sub-merged areas of Hochakanally, Rekulgi, Bambalgi, Niduwancha, Mannekanalli, Bapur, Bhairnelli, Aurad(s), Sirsi (A) and Baugi villages for the Karanja Major Irrigation Project.

Before 2013


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As on 2013

Glance of Bidar South


In order to achieve 100% Roads for village to village connectivity, Village to ODR/ MDR/ SH /NH Connectivity in Bidar South Assembly Constituency, it is necessary to build a further 658.51km of flexible pavements With regards to the internal roads of the village settlements, the total length of the internal roads of all the villages in the constituency is approximately 440.20 kms, out of which only 190.79 Kms (43.4%) is cement concrete roads. The total extent of village internal roads that need to be further constructed is around 213.73 Kms (48.55%). The total existing drain length is only 91.43 kms (20.56%) and there is a need to construct a further 350.05 Kms (79.44 %).


The per capita water supply in the constituency is around 25 LPCD, which is below the average 70 LPCD. Only 11 villages (9.5% of the Constituency) are benefitted with more than 70 LPCD. With regards to the Drinking Water supply through piped connection to individual houses in the Constituency, 60% to 80% coverage is achieved in only in 5 Villages (4.8% of the Constituency). Paradoxically, there is no individual house connection given in the Thandas of my Constituency.
There are 27 Minor Irrigation Tanks which is also supplying water supply to certain villages. The total atchkat area is 3153 Hac with a water spread area of 399 Hac. These tanks need to be Augmented, de-silted and rejuvenated.


There are around 190 industries in Kohlar Industrial estate out of which 20 are major industries, 64 medium industries and the remaining are small & Medium enterprises. However many of the industries are closed down due to Bankruptcy.


There are only 4.11% of the households have individual toilet facility in the entire constituency. The concept of community Latrines have completely failed.


There are 20% to 25% of very dilapidated houses in the entire constituency (48032 Households). The katch housing is around 40-45% and demand for Government Housing is too high and irregularities in its disposal through Gram Sabha have failed due to favoritism, corruption and other reasons


Almost 38,783 kgs of Solid waste and 7757 cum of sullage are generated per day in the constituency. There is no proper disposal of Solid waste though they are predominantly bio-degradable. To collect the garbage there is a need for atleast 372 Garbage Collectors, 499 trolleys, 68 Auto tippers and six Garbage Collector minilorry for the Constituency.


Kamthana Sub-Division which covers almost 70 to 75 % of the Bidar South Assembly constituency. Manna-EKhelli O & M sub division of GESCOM is spread over span of 28 plus villages. Though all the villages in Bidar South Assembly constituency are electrified, the power supply situation is not encouraging due to severe power cuts. The Niranthara jyothi project taking its own time. There is need for “Transformer Bank”, as many transformers keep failing due to over load.

Many street lights don’t function. There is a need for 776 more street lights to light up all the villages, There are more than 398 hazardous electrical poles in a dilapidated condition .


This project went through the most of four decades. Though official records in the Water Resources Department claim that irrigation potential for 22,113 hectares out of the total 29,227 hectares had been created, not even 50 per cent of the envisaged area under irrigation gets water.

The land losers in this project are rehabilitated in settlements that were built was supposed to accommodate atleast 30,000 people, but only 9700 people were benefitted through 1873 buildings, and they too don’t have proper basic infrastructure facilities and the rehabilitated settlements looks more like Refugee camps.


There are 350 Schools in which there are 242 Government schools (27 are High Schools and 215 are Primary & Higher Primary Schools) in the entire constituency catering 34,915 children (1-7 standards) and 7648 Children (8th to 10th). There are 312 Anganawadi centers in which 92 are in Rented premise. School buildings and Anganawadis are in Dilapidated condition and has to be refurbished with good Buildings, adequate Toilets and Drinking water facility.


There are Eight (8) Primary health Centers and One Community Health Center at Manhalli and 45 Sub-centers (which has Male/ Female Auxiliary Nurse Mid-Wifery (ANM)/ Junior Health Assistants) for villages within 5000 population, in the entire Bidar South Assembly Constituency. Many Primary health centers are in dilapidated condition with poor basic infrastructure. There is lack of Medical Officers in the constituency.


More than 80% of the Bidar South Assembly constituency populations are farmers, especially, small and marginal farmers. There are six Ryot Sampark Kendra’s (RSK) in the Bidar South Assembly Constituency, one each in every Hobli and 13 Prathamika Krishi Patthina Sahakara Sangha Niyamitha (PKPS) in the entire constituency. There are no Agricultural Processing plants and cold storage in the entire constituency.


There are 310 Temples and Mutts, 98 Masjids, 97 Churches, 7 Buddhist Viharas and one Jain Swethambara in the Constituency.

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